1 thought on “Weekly Food For Thought”

  1. ‘I am’ already THAT- undivided, unbounded, limitless entity. THAT is given many names – Brahman, Atma, God, divinity etc. But I think, feel, imagine, perceive myself limited and bounded to be different from THAT. Removal of error in thinking, feeling or perceiving becomes possible with knowledge on what ‘I am not’. NETI- NETI is the ancient process to remove (by effective use of viveka – discriminative capability- and scriptural knowledge) those which are not real ME. What remains after removal of all that are not ME, is real ME (THAT).
    Atma -anatma viveka is the other name for inquiring into non-self. I cannot KNOW ‘I’. I can only remain or BE THAT! Brahma vid brahma eva bhavati – One who knows Brahman, remains as Brahman. Then I find (recognize) ME in all and all in ME – Expansive and all inclusive!

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