Weekly Food For Thought


‘I’ is all there is!
‘I’ is the creation,
‘I’, the creator
‘I’ is the witness,
‘I’, the doer

*’I’ is all there is!*

The outward cosmic chaos is ‘I’,
The inward sculptor and artist is ‘I’;
Infinite obscure Brahman is ‘I’,
Rapt in aloneness, the Shiva is ‘I’;

 *’I’ is all there is!*

The frail and feeble pilgrim is ‘I’,
The temple, church and mosque is ‘I’;
Fearful passage of time is ‘I’,
Fearless blossom of love is ‘I’;

   *’I’ is all there is!*

‘I’ is a beginning before birth,
‘I’ is an ending beyond death;
‘I’ is all there ever was
‘I’ will forever be
‘I’ is ‘I’

*’I’ is all there is!*

Sunder Iyer

1 thought on “Weekly Food For Thought”

  1. The gold has never become an ornament. You ‘see’ the gold ‘only’ when you see the ornament. The change in the form has tricked your perception. Form has a utility value and make us to like the different forms. But the real value is for the gold. The goldsmith views and values all the ornaments – new or old- as gold only. If the mouse and the Lord Ganapathi in your altar are made of gold, can the mouse have a lower value than Ganapathi in the eyes of a gold smith? The Self realized, has ‘sama drishti’ with all!

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