Weekly Food For Thought

Pranayama and yoga for me began as a physical exercise. In the beginning the motivation was to derive some health benefits but now It has become an integral part of my life as I  realized its potential to uncover my true nature.  

Adding Pranayama coupled with few asanas into your daily routine is a great way to access  the inner space and experience peace and restfulness.  
Whenever I  feel tired or frustrated by a task, I  focus on my breath, and observe the rise and fall of the breaths. I feel better after few minutes..I feel Pranayama and Yoga (Asanas) together brings the body and mind to elevated levels of consciousness.  It is a way to bring more oxygen to the system so we feel energized and gain additional strength. It feels almost as though the built up emotions are getting released and we feel relief from them. The major benefits I have seen is that it stills the mind and brings forth the happiness and joy.   

One of the practices that helped me was the concentration. For concentration, I do one eye exercise which helps me focus better. I keep an object at a distance and focus on the object by developing the discipline to return to it every time the mind fluctuates. With this exercise,  I noticed the chattery mind comes to silence after few minutes. This is a great way to train the mind to become the observer of our own thoughts that will transcend us from thinker to watcher. 

We are blessed to be able to use the tools provided by the sages to access the inner realms of our true nature. 

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