Weekly Food For Thought

My Will & God’s Will

“Where there is a will, there is a way,” is absolutely true. At first the will is your own. It has to be strengthened by the assent of God until you convert it into the almighty will of God. You seem to be playing a particular game that you do not really desire to give up. You can change the game, if you will. You are not weak and helpless. Every strength and power is within you. God-vision is yours the very instant you will it with concentration. But you do not will it, simply because you don’t choose to.

Sai is not mocking. He is perfectly earnest. He is giving expression to the truths gathered from the depths of experience. “Trust in and submission to the supreme will in all circumstances,” means the vision of truth, the vision of the root principle of all creation. When you say, “If God wills,” it must mean that you assert your own all-powerful will. The solution, therefore, is to awaken the inherent power and splendor of your soul. Do it!

You are verily the immortal truth, the great deathless and changeless reality. May victory be ever yours.

With Blessings, ~Baba.

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