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Who is Sai? 

I am neither man nor celestial being. I am neither a brahmin nor a warrior (kshatriya ) nor a merchant (vaishya ) nor a labourer (sudra ). I cannot be described as a celibate, a householder, a recluse, or a monk.Know Me as the Teacher of Truth. My reality is truth, goodness, beauty (sathyam , sivam , sundaram ). (Sanskrit verse) Your reality is also truth, goodness, beauty (sathyam , sivam , sundaram ). Without truth, there cannot be goodness; without goodness, what does beauty avail? The effect of truth on the mind is goodness; the joy that flows from goodness is the genuine beauty that artists love. The three are really one and indivisible. Truth is goodness and goodness is beauty. Experience this truth. That will give you the highest bliss.Let not lesser joys distract you. Don’t fritter away your energy, playing the silly game of gaining and losing, gathering and scattering, winning temporary fame, fortune, and felicity. Go straight on the royal road that leads to self-realisation; don’t stray into the byelanes of counterfeit bliss. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your kith and kin and foot it all alone. The community in which you find yourself is the arena where you can win the victory, the gymnasium where you develop the skill to win. The spiritual journey lies through compassion, sympathy, mutual help, and service, and these are fostered by society and are to be used for society.

Shivarathri Discourse, 6th March 1970

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