Weekly Food For Thought

How to Touch the Omnipresent God

If God is the all-permeating Reality, if God is omnipresent, then He should also be available to our perceptions at all times. Could we not see Him, touch Him, or feel Him from our present situation? If yes, then what is the way? Do the scriptures give us any clue in this matter?

The secret lies in enlarging our vision. We experience joy, and lack of it, every day. We feel blessed occasionally. We recognize existence as inherent in everything. We see knowledge intrinsic in every experience. If we see the nature in this light, then we get a different perspective. In place of only seeing the external material form we may begin to see the inherent signs of God.

Normally the mind does not see God. It sees only the material form of the object. The spiritual seeker should try to touch the core of reality in meditation. Sages who had actual experience of God, who felt the Divine presence everywhere, actually did that. We could also see God everywhere walking in their footsteps. We must contemplate on the fact that all that we see around us, it is God alone who is existing there and radiating bliss through them. It is He alone who has entered into all those objects.

God’s presence could be tried in as many ways as possible from external material objects to one’s own body, mind and ego. Through repeated and deep contemplations reality of God’s presence everywhere should be felt. That which appeared mere ideas in the beginning would become increasingly real. The presence of God inside and outside would be more and more revealed. The mind would become sensitive enough to feel that even when we are engaged in some work. The spiritual seeker would know that God is the real doer. He would feel that his body and mind are instruments in God’s hands.

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