Weekly Food For Thought

When to Delay & When Not to Delay

Shot by Rama’s arrow Ravana fell to the ground. When there was but few minutes before he gave up his life, many sages approached him. He was a great scientist, a great scholar, a person of great penance. He was all powerful. They wanted to know what was his chief aim in life. They all assembled there and questioned him saying, “Oh Ravana! What is it that you achieved in life? What was your aspiration?” Since he was shot by Rama’s arrow, he was cleansed of all his sins. Noble feelings started blossoming in him. With great difficulty he raised his hands, offered Namaskar and said, “Oh great ones! What should I say. I had so many thoughts. But they did not materialise. But one thing you all must learn from my life. When you get a good thought, you must not procrastinate. You must get into the action immediately. You must not delay or postpone good activities. You shouldn’t take more time to do good. Thought and action must happen in tandem. When you get a bad thought, you must not act on it. Take your own time. I have thought on similar lines. I had a plan to convert the ocean water around Lanka into sweet water. But I kept postponing it. Eventually, I was unable to do it. I thought all those who are suffering in hell must be taken to heaven and given a new life there. I postponed this too. I procrastinated all the noble tasks and now, I am here dying. I am unable to do these good actions. At least all of you, if you get a good thought, get into action and achieve the task. Never waste time for good actions.
(Divine Discourse, Jun 25, 1996)

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