Weekly Food For Thought

From the Divine Parent

Dear Loved One,
You ask: How will you know when I am near you?

When on a sultry night everything is hot and still
The first cool breeze brushes your cheeks
I am caressing you
Think of Me.

When the pangs of hunger are satisfied
And loneliness is pierced by happiness
Think of Me.

When your mouth is parched and you can hardly speak
The first sip of cool water I am soothing you
Think of Me.

When the cloud of death disappears
First on the opening of a baby’s smiling eyes
Think of Me.

When I sprinkle your face with rain and wash the earth, the dry brown leaves
The first smell of clean rain, I am cleansing you
Think of Me.

When pain dissolves and fear disappears
Think of Me.
When steadfast eyes are horrified by the cruelties of life
The first glances of the silent setting sun, I am comforting you
Think of Me.

Then you ask how will you know when you are near Me?

When the burning sun has scorched you and the earth
The sand and dust fill your eyes & Not a sliver of shade about
And you love Me.

When loneliness is accompanied by hunger and not one can be satisfied
And you love Me.

When your lips are cracked, your tongue feels like clay
Your throat seals up, there is no water about
Not even a mirage in sight
And you love Me.

When you hold a dying child with eyes pleading
And you love Me.

When you stir the ocean to a crescent
You flounder in its depth like a leaf
And you love Me.

When I take from you your most cherished possessions
On the first loss of your sight darkness envelopes you
And you love Me.

For everything you see, hear, smell, taste or touch belongs to Me. So how can you give to Me what I already am, but your love?
And that I gave to you before time began as your sole possession.
When you return it to Me, then will I know you are truly Mine and I will dissolve your sorrow and happiness into Me.
That….being Me, I will place you in bliss forever. For, I love and think of you constantly.

From your most loving Father
(Source: Prema Dhaara 1, p. 2-4)