Weekly Food For Thought

Dancer & Dance

Dance Dance Dance
Dancer and the dance
Dance without the Dancer unthinkable
Dancer without the Dance unknowable
One rooted in the depths of stillness
And the other revealed as the exuberance of movement
One a huge warehouse of memory
And the other a limitless potential & possibility
Yet, Dance & The Dancer are forever inextricably One

Involve yourself deeply and there is only the dance
See a bit more clearly and there is only the dancer
The dance on the surface
And the dancer at its core
Aren’t they different layers of a single reality?
Views simply from different vantage points?
Intertwined in endless harmony of melody & rhythm
The Dance & The Dancer are forever inextricably One

Call it dance and dancer
Creation and creator Or Purusha and Prakriti
It is life in all its grandeur, glory & beauty
The one masquerading as two!
Involve to experience the exuberance of movement
Watch to know the tranquility of stillness
Stay on the surface and be a joyful puppet
Or touch the core and be the mighty puppeteer
Whatever the experience no harm really done
As the dance and the dancer are forever inextricably One

Endless cycles of stillness & movement
Of silence & sound, Of being and becoming
Is this the game of life?
The one who knows action in inaction & inaction in action
Is the wise one they say
The one who sees the scape in which this dance is revealed
Is the wise one they say
Call it the eternal witness or the absolute source
Dance & Dancer are but mere modifications of that indivisible, immutable One!

Weekly Food For Thought

The Truth of Oneness

The biggest spiritual truth is the truth of oneness. Everything that exists is part of a wholeness, a unified field that underlies reality. This is a radical concept because it seems to contradict our direct experience, where it appears that there are many different and separate things. Your body seems separate from my body, from the chair, and from everything else. And yet, two things can be very different without being separate. Your thumb is clearly different from your little finger, but are they separate? Or are they both also part of something bigger: your hand? Can’t the same be said about any two parts of your body? They are different but not separate.

Right now, every object near you is affecting you. There are several different forms of energy flowing between you and every other nearby object, including light, heat, gravity, sound, and electricity. In addition, molecules are escaping from your body and the nearby objects, even solid inanimate objects. These molecules circulate in the space between you and every object and also land on and even enter your body. With every breath, you are breathing in some of the furniture and walls and other people in the room right now. In fact, in every breath is at least one atom that was also at one time inhaled by any other person you can name in history. There is even evidence that every single atom affects every other atom no matter how far apart they are. If that is the case, where does your body actually stop and the apparent other objects or bodies begin?

What about the space itself that you and other objects appear in? Where does space stop and your body begin? Is there still space where your body is located? As subatomic physics has shown, even physical objects are 99.9999% space, and the subatomic particles themselves are actually just clouds of probabilities. Are there really any boundaries in this infinite sea of space that we and everything else exist in?

Without having to experience oneness with everything in this moment, can you at least experience a sense of connectedness or intimacy with something else or someone else? If you can taste the oneness you have with a lover or beloved pet or something that you find beautiful or inspiring, can you also sense a more subtle sense of connection with other objects or people? An even more profound way we are all connected is in our consciousness itself. There is really only one Being here, and we are all it!