Do not Allow even a Small Dirt

Sri Dattatreya was unique as he did not have a human being as Guru, for him everything around him was his master. They steered him and taught him the vital lessons of life. He says he has learnt from 24 such Gurus. Here is one of those lessons.


Once he was walking on the sands of ocean and observed that while the waves spread out on the sand it would bring even a small twig or a leaf to the shore and leave it back on the sand. “The ocean lacks magnanimity”, Dattatreya thought to himself. “It does not tolerate even a small twig; it does not allow it to be in its fold.” Sensing the thought of Dattatreya, Ocean talked to him!


“Do you think that I am not magnanimous, Dattatreya?” asked the ocean. “Do you feel by letting the twig which came into my fold out on the shore, I am selfish? Please understand that if I let this small twig to defile me I am no longer clean and the inhabitants in me will no longer feel the purity they require for their existence. If I show compassion to a small dirt, more will follow and it will become impossible for me to take control over them. I can deal with small dirt and get rid of it, hence I am always vigilant and make sure that at any moment of my life I do not allow things that will cause impurity in me.”



Dattatreya learnt that “If a single negative thought is let into the ocean called MIND it will impure the base of it. If one such thought is allowed, then lots and lots of them get accumulated and it will become difficult to get rid of all of them. They make me weak, so I must follow the example of the ocean. I need to be always aware never let a negative thought put its stamp on my mind. Only then I can be sure of having a crystal clear Mind. With crystal clear mind my thoughts are good and from such good thoughts my words are sweet and with my sweet words my action is exuberant. And it is only then my thoughts, words and actions are in harmony and pure, this makes my life contented, happy, steady and monotonous like the ocean.”


A drop of poison can render a pot of milk totally undrinkable.~ Swami


Thought for the day

SS_thought2Acquire the competence to understand the kind of love and tenderness that God showers on His devotees. Pleasure arises from pain and pain results in pleasure. Because the Pandavas were in the jungle for twelve years and hid themselves unrecognised for the thirteenth year, people now appreciate their noble qualities. Because of the many obstacles and troubles that Prahlada encountered, and the punishments meted out to him, the rest of the world now knows how great his devotion was. Prahlada never had tears in his eyes and never exhibited any pain when the demons were harming him. He was simply uttering the name of the Lord and requested the Lord’s presence. His devotion and equanimity in pain and pleasure is a living example even today of what real faith and devotion can do. On the other hand, had Prahlada lived with his father in luxury with care and tenderness, how would his faith be known?

– Summer Roses On Blue Mountains, 1976, Ch 3.