Connecting With Swami (Simple Way)

In interviews which Bhagawan gave, we all know how beautifully He would set an example for all of us. He would open the door, call everybody inside, allow everybody to go in and only then would Himself go in. And then He would turn on the fan, close the door behind, come and take His seat, and finally begin talking. A perfect host He was!


Once in an interview given to a student, everything happened the same way, except for one. After closing the door behind, instead of asking ’emi samacharam (what’s the news?), Swami thundered: “How long will you go behind this body of Mine? How long will you cage Me in this physical body? Learn to see the Unseen Force that is driving this body itself.”


The student who was by now stunned and surprised by Bhagawan’s words, who lived all this while out of pure love and devotion for His physical Form pleaded with Bhagawan, saying “Swami, but I don’t know how to connect to that Unseen, I know only You in this beautiful physical Form. Please tell me the secret of connecting to you through the unmanifest, the unseen, the eternal.”


Bhagawan said, “All My life I have been telling you only this and you still ask Me this question again?” Swami then continued: “The only way, the simplest way, the most beautiful way for a devotee to connect to this Unseen Power, the Eternal Power of Divinity, is Love.”


Bhagawan once narrated a beautiful story of Mother Radha and Krishna. Once Krishna returns to Brindavan after the Kurukshetra war and he goes to the banks of Yamuna in search of Radha and He sees that she is seated under a tree lost in her thoughts. So Krishna thought that He would surprise her; He slowly walks around the tree and suddenly jumps in front of Mother Radha, expecting that she would jump in joy and surprise. But to His utter dismay Mother Radha looked at Him and gave a smile.


Krishna said, “Radhe! I am your Krishna, I have come back for you.” Mother Radha’s face had a question mark; she said, “Come back for me?” She held Krishna’s hand and ran towards River Yamuna and picked up a palm full of water and showed it to Krishna and said, “Krishna, see in every drop of Yamuna is it not You who is there?”


She caught His hand again and ran back to the tree under which she was sitting and very carefully bent a branch and showed Him the leaves and said, “Look Krishna, in every leaf of this tree are You not the one who is there? In every blade of grass, are You not the One who is there? When You were always with me and all around me when did You leave that You are saying You have come back for me?”


Krishna immediately was overwhelmed by such unconditional love of Radha; He said, “Radhe, I am the Lord of the Universe. Ask, ask for anything and I will give it to you readily.”


And Radha said, “I don’t want anything from you.” He said, “Don’t you want even My love?” And then Radha said, “I know that I love you, I know that You are mine and You will always be mine, You are eternally mine. It doesn’t matter if You love me or not.”


At this point, Bhagawan says – it is a grand secret dear brothers and sisters – the Avatar for the first time fell on His knees, held Mother Radha’s hand and said, “Radhe, it is for the first time in My entire creation that I have received something from My devotee – unconditional love.” Bhagawan says this unconditional love is what will help us connect to Him.


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