Thought for the day (06/10)

SS_thought5Often we prepare laddus (Indian delicacy) and its main ingredient is Bengal gram flour. Have you ever tasted this flour? The flour, by itself, cannot give any taste – it is because we add sugar to the flour, the delicacy acquires a special taste. Similarly, some people prepare special sweets with broken wheat powder (rava) which by itself has no taste. It acquires sweetness when sugar is added to it. Thus in all the various sweets, the basic ingredient and common aspect is sugar. Like in this analogy, in all things and people we see around us in the world, divine sweetness is the common constituent. Similarly in everyone there is this aspect of Truth, Wisdom and Bliss. Therefore, attach importance to the aspect of Divinity (Brahman). Do not promote the illusion of attachment to the body, because then you will not be able to understand the real aspect of Divinity (Brahman).

– Summer Showers in Brindavan 1974, Vol 1, Ch 4.

Thought for the day (07/09)

SS_thought4All the pains and difficulties that you get will ultimately turn out as a means to give you happiness and pleasure. Even a diamond of high quality does not get its value unless we cut the facets on it. Pure gold will not be turned into a beautiful ornament unless it is repeatedly put into fire and moulded. Whenever you experience pains, trials, obstacles and tribulations, you should recognise them as paths for obtaining ultimate happiness. So we should be prepared to accept pain. To seek pleasure alone and not to welcome pain is not right. Pleasure comes out of pain. We should recognise that all pain will ultimately end in pleasure.

– Summer Roses On Blue Mountains, 1976, Ch 3.