General Information

Welcome to the Sathya Sai Baba Center of Chelmsford. As envisioned by Swami, the main goal of the center is to provide an atmosphere conducive for recognizing the inherent Divinity in oneself and all of nature. Lets embark on this journey of self discovery. Let’s learn together, grow together and march towards the fruition of this goal! We look forward to seeing you and serving you..

Meeting Schedule:
Our center meets for its devotional activities & Sai Spiritual Education (for children) classes every Saturday. All meetings are currently held online until further notice.

The schedule for devotional sessions each week is below:
1) 5:30pm to 5.45pm: Meet & Greet
2) 5:45pm to 6:45pm : Chants, Discourse Clip, Bhajans & Closing Prayers
3) 6:45pm to 8:00pm : Study Circle
Please visit the Devotion page for details.

The schedule for SSE activities each week is below:
4:00pm to 4.25 pm – Bhajan practice
4:30pm to 5:30pm – SSE Class
Please visit the SSE page for details.

Weekly Food For Thought

Balancing Act or Not?

Life at first glance seems to be a balancing act. A balancing act between a desire to be absolutely free and the sweet pleasure of being bound, between the comfort of the known and the promise of the unknown, between tireless striving and the decree of destiny, between the all knowing head & the ever tender heart. One moment it feels like it is all figured out and feels totally clueless another moment.  Is this a cruel game of nature or the audacity of my being to defy it?

Glanced upon this picture and wondered what makes this awe inspiring, seemingly impossible, almost gravity defying feat of balancing these odd shaped stones possible. The art of balancing is simply the art of being in tune with nature. So much so that the stones and their movement and the point where gravity seamlessly assists the structure can just be inwardly felt.

I realized instantly that it is not about what I want but what is needed. It is not about striving endlessly but knowing and aligning with the stillness of our being. It is not about perfection but just absolute involvement. What is there to gain or lose? The end is just my imagination. The stones are formed into a beautiful structure one moment and can easily be taken apart another. It is a game I chose to play!! Knowing this is true freedom and perfect balance which stands shining through the cage of the structure.