Thought for the day (07/08)

SI_20160708At holy temples such as Tirupati or Bhadrachalam, you find only a stone shaped as an idol. But when the feeling of devotion permeates that stone, it becomes the Supremest Treasure of the human mind. Many waste precious time, debating which path of worship – duty, devotion or wisdom – is superior over another. They are complementary. Teach your mind the secret of transmuting your every act with devotion into sacred worship. Then you will never suffer from disappointment and grief. The Lord is so full of Grace that He will willingly guide and guard every being who surrenders unto Him. To win His Grace, all you must do, is become permeated with righteousness (Dharma) so that your every act is ‘God-worthy’! With the sharp chisel of your intellect, shape your mind into a perfect image of the Lord! Then you will shine with the splendor of Divine. Dedicate yourself to this noble ideal from now!

– Divine Discourse, Jan 14, 1966