Surrender – Swami’s Thought for the day

thought1The word ‘surrender’ conveys that there is someone who gives and someone who accepts and that you are surrendering to someone. There is a feeling of duality implied in this word ‘surrender’. A person with a dual mind is half blind. The true meaning of surrender is the recognition of the fact that in everyone and everywhere God is present. The recognition of the presence of God in all beings(Jivas) is the true meaning of the word ‘surrender’. We should perform all the tasks enjoined upon us as our duty and it is not right to neglect our duty, sit idly and say that you have surrendered everything to the Lord. If you have the feeling that all the work you do is to please God, then that is the right aspect of surrender. You have not surrendered if you give the consequences of all the bad you do to God and take credit for the good consequences.

– Summer Showers in Brindavan, 1974, Vol 1, Ch 3.