General Information

Welcome to the Sathya Sai Baba Center of Chelmsford. As envisioned by Swami, the main goal of the center is to provide an atmosphere conducive for recognizing the inherent Divinity in oneself and all of nature. Lets embark on this journey of self discovery. Let’s learn together, grow together and march towards the fruition of this goal! We look forward to seeing you and serving you..

Meeting Schedule:
Our center meets for its devotional activities & Sai Spiritual Education (for children) classes every Saturday. All meetings are held at Sai Unity Center, 40 Old Ferry Road, Lowell MA.

The schedule for devotional sessions each week is below:
1) 5:00pm to 5.30pm: Bhajan Practice
2) 5:30pm to 6:45pm : Study Circle
3) 6:45pm to 8:00pm : Discourse Clip, Bhajans & Closing Prayers
Please visit the Devotion page for details.

The schedule for SSE activities each week is below:
5:15pm to 5.45 pm – Bhajan practice
5:45pm to 6:45pm – SSE Class
Please visit the SSE page for details.

Weekly Food For Thought

Present is Omnipresent

Swami has often said “the present is not an ordinary present but is omnipresent”. How do we make sense of this statement? What is the implication of this statement on all our desires & endeavors to shape our future? In our everyday experience of life, the present moment is just an elusive bridge between the past and the future moments. How does this acquire the magnitude of omnipresence?

Let us take the help of an analogy to understand this. A single beam of light when passed through a prism is refracted into a beautiful spectrum of seven colors. Could we possibly extend this idea to the concept of time? Is it possible that the omnipresent time or eternity is split into past, present and future when passed through the prism of our minds? It is so, indeed. Our mind is synonymous with thought. Every experience of ours is always in the eternal now but thought translates it into past, present or future. Thought alone defines a moment as the “past” or “future” by comparing it with the “present moment”. From the point of view of thought, the present moment is a point that connects past and future. Even so, thought cannot capture the present moment. The moment “the present” is recognized it has already become the past. The present moment is at best an idea of the mind but a window into eternity, the closest approximation to omnipresence. The trinity of time is an image, a reflection of Eternity which is otherwise beyond the comprehension of the mind.

What is the implication of the omnipresence of time on our desires & endeavors to control future outcomes? If future has no reality but in thought, does the question of free will or controlling future outcomes even arise? Isn’t this just a play of thought? Does it imply that we don’t need to plan for future?

Projection into future or thinking of the past is a power that the mind/ thought possesses, and one can choose to use the mind in whichever way one deems best. We remain free as long as we do not assume action in the present moment to be a means for fulfillment in a future moment. The present is omnipresent, full and complete. Action can be an expression of the dynamism, fullness, and freedom that the “now” or eternity represents. Life then becomes a play like how it was meant to be.

So next time, we catch ourselves obsessing over the past or the future, let us remind ourselves there is only the present and that it is omnipresent! All we need to do is to examine our experience & realize that even our thinking about past or future happens only in the present. Present is the only reality, and it is not an ordinary present but is truly omnipresent!