General Information

Welcome to the Sathya Sai Baba Center of Chelmsford. As envisioned by Swami, the main goal of the center is to provide an atmosphere conducive for recognizing the inherent Divinity in oneself and all of nature. Lets embark on this journey of self discovery. Let’s learn together, grow together and march towards the fruition of this goal! We look forward to seeing you and serving you..

Meeting Schedule:
Our center meets for its devotional activities & Sai Spiritual Education (for children) classes every Saturday. All meetings are currently held online until further notice.

The schedule for devotional sessions each week is below:
1) 5:30pm to 5.45pm: Meet & Greet
2) 5:45pm to 6:45pm : Chants, Discourse Clip, Bhajans & Closing Prayers
3) 6:45pm to 8:00pm : Study Circle
Please visit the Devotion page for details.

The schedule for SSE activities each week is below:
4:00pm to 4.25 pm – Bhajan practice
4:30pm to 5:30pm – SSE Class
Please visit the SSE page for details.

Weekly Food For Thought


Non duality is not a magical experience in which I start ‘seeing’ everything as one!  To understand non duality better, we should know how and where does the duality exists. Duality is experience of existence of ‘two’ in my mind. Mind only creates the   split in my every experience. How? When I see a flower, mind makes me to feel there are two – I the seer (experiencer) and the second thing flower which is ‘seen’(experienced). The ego aspect limits my awareness to the extent of my body and mind. This creates the separateness and otherness. In deep sleep we do not experience any duality when the mind (ego) is not active. Experiencing duality gives rise to fear, hatred, attraction, jealousy etc. This is the cause for misery (samsara). Chandogya Upanishad – ‘one who sees duality goes from death to death’- meaning one would get caught in repeated births and deaths if true knowledge of non-duality does not set in. If duality is the conditioning of the impure mind, non-duality is deconditioning of the mind which is pure.

Let us see one more example to understand non-duality. A gold piece is made into a necklace. I can see the gold as gold or as necklace. The gold is appearing as necklace. In reality the necklace has its existence in gold and it cannot be separated from gold. When melted, the necklace gets resolved in the gold. All that exists is only gold. The form with a name has created ‘two’. One only appeared as two. All our experiences are projected in our mind which is illumined by the consciousness. As light only (on the screen) undergoes modifications to form shapes as people and objects, all the projections in the mind are nothing but consciousness (light). Understanding all the ‘experienced’ as seeming reality (mere appearance) which exists in ‘me’ (I) is the ‘knowledge’ of non-duality (Atma jnana). It is not a factual knowledge but a direct knowledge.

Our mind (due to latent tendencies) gets captivated by the projections, and ‘forgets’ the underlying truth, the consciousness. Enabling the mind to correct the error and ‘realize’ the reality is the ‘summum bonum’ of spiritual practices (sadhana). Even after this realization, experience of duality will continue when we transact with the world. It is like, one who has learnt that mirage is just a false appearance, he will continue to see the mirage.  But that knowledge will avoid going to it to get water. Non-duality (advaita) is neither a belief nor an experience. It is the cognitive understanding (clarity) happening in an elevated and mature mind. The absolute reality is one and division-less (EKAM – ADVAYAM). THAT is, YOU. (Tad tvam asi) Here YOU is the conscious principle which pervades in and out of all beings. Getting an interest to know our non-dual reality is stated to be obtained by the grace of God – “Isvara anugrahaat eva pumsam advaita vasana”.

Until the absolute knowledge emerges, one has to look unto others as jig saw puzzle pieces. Me and others are part of a big picture. I share the place with others. Everyone’s place is irreplaceable. Play the game of life with the right understanding!